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유명외국계 대기업 약학 석박사 학위자 모집

행정실 / 등록일 08-03-18 / 조회 923

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Job Description of HSA (Health Science Associate)

1) Key Customer Management
-Shape Physician’s view on the disease and establish needs for product
-Visit thought leaders on scientific issue basis such as therapeutic issue, clinical research, product, basic science on disease
-Liaise with global & regional medical directors
-Lead product advisory board

2) Speaker Development and Management 
-Develop key speakers to become strong advocates for the product & therapeutic class
-Support speaker through lecture content discussion & slide development
-Develop speaker pool & provide qualified speakers as required

3) Cross Functional Team
-Participate in product strategy team
-Support clinical trial protocol development with clinical research team
-Lead development of KOL ( Key Opinion Leaders) strategy planning

4) Product Training Support
-Search & provide updated articles on the product and develop key messages for training of sales rep.
-Deliver PSR product training
-Ability to understand and integrate complex scientific concepts.

Jay Kwon

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